We try our best to accommodate all devices and operating systems but to give you the best viewing experience we do have to draw the line at some older operating systems, internet browsers and video cards. Please see device and operating system compatibility.

Supported mobile devices include:

Compatible Smartphones

•Apple iPhones (iOS 8 and above)

•Android Phones (versions 4.4+)

Compatible Tablets

•Apple iPads (iOS 8 and above)

•Android Tablets (versions 4.4 to 6.01)

Supported web browsers include:

Windows OS

•Microsoft Edge (Windows 7 - 10 PC Only)

•IE11 ONLY Windows 10

•Mozilla Firefox latest

•Google Chrome latest


•Mozilla Firefox

•Google Chrome

•iOS 9+

If you don't find the answer you're looking for there then please contact us. To help our Customer Service team it would be great if you could provide a screenshot of what you’re seeing, and the IP address of your computer.

To check your IP address you can use www.WhatIsMyIP.com or a number of similar websites.