If you're having trouble viewing a live stream on the Watch AFL service, we've most likely got a quick and easy fix for you. 

Have you checked the following:

  1. Have you checked your timezone in relation to the bounce time back in Australia? Check to see that the scheduled time of the live stream has started.
  2. Do you have an active subscription? If you can't log in to your Watch AFL account, you may need to sign up or renew your subscription.
  3. Are you using a compatible device or browser? If you're using a device or browser not supported by Watch AFL, you may experience playback issues.
  4. Is your internet connection strong enough? We recommend a minimum internet speed of 7.5Mbps for an uninterrupted stream. Run an internet speed test to determine your internet connection.
  5. How are you accessing the Watch AFL service? Make sure you're using the latest version of the mobile app on a compatible iOS or Android device, or if you're watching via a web browser, that you're visiting the official Watch AFL website.
  6. Are you logged in to your Watch AFL account? Click the menu option on the home page. If the first option says 'Log In', sign in with your Watch AFL credentials and start streaming.
  7. Where in the world are you? Watch AFL is a geo-location based service. The service is only available to those outside of Australia. If you're outside Australia and are still having troubles, follow the steps in this article - Why am I receiving a 'Video Geoblocked' error message?

If you've checked all of the above and are still have trouble viewing a live stream, you may need to contact the Watch AFL Customer Care team. Try to provide as much information as possible for the team for the most effective and efficient resolution. This might include screenshots of the issue you're experiencing, your device, UDID, internet connection and location.