You can upgrade or change your Watch AFL subscription at any time, but there are a few things to keep in mind when you're making any changes to your subscription.

  1. Log into your Watch AFL account via a supported Web Browser
    • Note: You won't be able to make any changes via the Watch AFL mobile app.
  2. Open the menu by clicking the icon on the top left-hand side of your screen
  3. Select 'My Profile' and then 'Manage Your Subscription'
  4. This is where you'll see your current subscription and your next billing date
  5. Select 'Cancel Subscription' below this information
  6. Select 'Stop My Subscription'
  7. Wait for the remaining period on your subscription to end
    • Note: This means you'll remain on your current subscription until the end of the current payment cycle.
  8. Once your current access period ends, sign back into your Watch AFL account via the website
  9. Head back to 'My Profile' and 'Manage Your Subscription'
  10. Here you'll be able to 'Resubscribe' to your chosen Watch AFL plan

If you have any issues with upgrading or changing your Watch AFL subscription, reach out to our Watch AFL Customer Care team and we'll be happy to help you out.