Watch AFL is only available to customers viewing outside of Australia. Therefore, geo-restrictions are placed on the service.

This is stipulated on our home and sign up pages as well as in our Terms and Conditions.

Also, to successfully complete a Watch AFL subscription, you must select a box before payment stating I understand I cannot watch this content in Australia.

Unfortunately, no refunds will be given for incorrect choice or change of mind.

I am currently outside Australia and geo-blocked

If you're overseas and are receiving a geo-blocked message, double check the following:

  • Ensure location services are turned on
  • If you are using an Australian SIM card as well as international roaming, you'll need to contact our Watch AFL Customer Care team to investigate your account.
  • If geo-blocking occurs during a Live game, we recommend contacting Watch AFL Customer Care on Live Chat via the Help & Support page to ensure we can troubleshoot you as quickly as possible.